Green Business is about more, than just success

Isn’t it obvious? The leave shape looks like an exponentially raising success curve.

The interaction of nature and business is therefore nothing artificial. Anyone, working in a green business, understood that.
The Team-Fresh logo, the leaf in the cover picture, symbolizes our nature, our environment as well as success. It shows how important it is to deal fairly and sustainably with it.

With the right strategy, this leads to more than just quick success.
It enables sustainable success, which is positive for our society as well as the environment. Simply contemporary.

The deal right now

The biggest industries with the highest global earnings are clothing, food, technology, chemistry, health, tourism and energy, not necessarily in that order. Each of these industries has it’s reason, but they also a right to destroy?

It’s sustainable damaging

Whether it’s about fast food, fast fashion, common diseases, exhaust fumes or environmental disasters. Over time, most businesses in any industry have decided to focus on maximizing profits, but on their impact.

„A company exists to earn money“

Do you also know this sentence from business education at school? It explains the situation we are in today very easily.

The big industries and the most successful companies have often been established several decades ago, if not even a century ago. The chiselled philosophy and proven practice are: profit maximization.

Thats everything but contemporary. now!

Wait, can something be more important than money?

Of course, a business is also about money, do not get me wrong. However, it should not be at the top of the pyramid of priorities.

What used to start with the idea “I want to earn as much money as possible” starts today with the thought, “How could I make it more meaningful? How could I improve the world? How could I fix something? “.

A positive purpose for our future is why contemporary enterprise will take over. That’s exactly what the most important thing for a company should be. To do something good and to enable an even better future.

Does that make sense?

The reversal of priorities has brought a drastic change in practice. Today, companies often accept environmental pollution, child labor, work-related illness, employee deaths and more. Why? Because they can afford it. 

If the meaning and the positive effect to our world and future were in the foreground for a company, it couldn’t come to such occurrences. A company that has to accept such situations in order to survive looses its raison d’être according to modern and up-to-date ideas. Like a pyramid, the idea of sustainability and social responsibility forms the basis without everything collapses or at least no longer makes sense. Without stable roots, even a tree would fall.

For whom are we doing that?

Money has no real value. We humans attribute one to it, but what really matters is our humanity and how we deal with our planet. Only if we ensure that our environment is healthy we can provide the basis for further progress for the next generations. If we do nothing, do not introduce new ideas and business strategies, we will leave our grandchildren “a lot of garbage”. First they have to understand this “sh..”, collect it, settle and, if possible, recycle it.

(How to you like this metaphor? I would love to read it in the comment section) 

Green Business Chances

For people who are stuck, the idea of social and sustainable enterprises may not make sense. For many, this is incompatible with the principle of a successful and profitable corporate strategy.
But our world and our possibilities are not the same as decades or years ago. I don’t want to exaggerate, but even a few months or even days ago, we did not have the same new opportunities and opportunities to rethink old systems and industries. With every day there are new chances.

„Progress means letting go of something that has already been overhauled.“

In each of the big ones, and much more in all smaller industries, there are new ways and opportunities to discover business opportunities and become successful with something sustainable.

& no, you don’t have to just believe me. Introducing the most successful ideas and companies is the purpose of this blog.

There are enough companies that destroy our planet more than enriching it. Nowadays, it is interesting to start a “green business”, a company that focuses on sustainability and social responsibility. In our modern world, there are so many new ways to improve or reinvent something that will sustainably improve the world.

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