Everywhere are cigarette butts, plastic bottles, bills no longer needed, tickets and much more.
People throw everything out of their cars on the street, while others go for a walk. While next garbage can is only a few meters away.

But of course there are not only such people.

There are also those who keep picking up the garbage of others and throwing it away. Of course you can not do it all alone and it’s not fun either.

So why not fight the garbage together?

That’s exactly what the company MeinAlpenStrom * thought and that’s why the event “Clean Up” was born!

Clean Up

This year we were part of the Clean Up at the Wienfluss 😀

Freiwillige Helfer die dem Müll den Kampf ansagen!

The aim of a “clean up” is to collect garbage and various other things that do not belong in a certain place together and dispose it properly! This year, the clean up took place for the fourth time, this time on the river in Vienna.

Since the river is located directly at the western entrance of Vienna, it is the victim to many people driving by.
These throw everything out of the windows. But even cyclists who cycle along the river, leave some waste. Thus, the river is a perfect candidate for a clean up.


First of all we were about 40 people at the agreed meeting point.
The MeinAlpenStrom team was already waiting there with garbage bags, gloves and tongs.

After all had their equipment, we went together to the river and split into two or more groups.
This way a much larger area could be done in a short time.

Then we started!

Before we noticed it, all the helpers were already on the way and had already found a lot of garbage. We just had to walk a few steps and found enough that did not belong there.

For the most part we found cigarette stubs and broken glass. Others found very special things, like screwdrivers, other metal parts and clothing.

In such a great thing, that people voluntarily sacrifice their free time. One wonders why others can not dispose their crap properly.

We know that there are thousands of rubbish bins in Vienna, mostly even several within a few steps (!), but also dung places where you can dispose of everything properly. So why leave the garbage still on the street? What do you all mean?


Of course we did not manage to clean the entire river during a short afternoon, that would take several days. However, one does not believe how much can be done in an hour, when some helping hands are working together and want to achieve something together.

We think the result is impressive 😉

cigarette butts

a pullover

broken glass

the result after only 1 hour

As if the feeling of doing something good was not reward enough, MeinAlpenStrom provided us with a small BIO snack and a BIO CraftWerk beer after the “hard” work!

We had a lot of fun and were happy to meet so many volunteers who sacrifice their free time for a good cause. The clean up is clearly a great event, where you do something for the environment, have a lot of fun and also get a small snack. 😉

Therefore, you will find all Clean Up’s on our event page!

Will you be there next time too? 😉

* MeinAlpenStrom is an Austrian eco-electricity provider which produces exclusively in Austria.

Find out more about MeinAlpenStrom and Managing Director Philipp M. Rehulka in our Green Business Interview.

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