How does that work .. starting again?

The feeling to start completely new, leaving something behind and starting anew can arise in many different situations in life. Whether the time until that point was nice or often sad … closing with the past does everyone good from time to time.

Of course, there is no “reset” button, as with an electronic device that can be easily pressed and heck, the brain is set to 0. Of course this doesn’t work. All of us have been shaped by our environment and experiences throughout our lives. A restart does not mean that a completely new personality is created. “You are who you are” is not correct. Rather, it’s:

“You are who you make out of you!”

Personal development and time for yourself hardly somehow loses presence in a stressful everyday life. Hardly anyone has and takes the time for it. Haven’t you ever had the thought: “Ajajaj .. the people .. what are we doing?”. At the same time, our society is the sum of all the personalities it bears. The world is open to each and every one of us, in truth, it is only ourselves who are slowing us down to be the best version of ourselves and to make a positive contribution to our society.

Come on, dare the reboot!

First of all, it is not necessary to make particularly dramatic decisions. If you like, you can of course shave your head, emigrate or change your name. However, such drastic changes do not necessarily mean success. If the change is not profound, then as with a 0 calorie diet, the yo-yo effect boomerang comes and shoots you back to the beginning.

No, a reboot can be very simple, gradual and uncomplicated. No one, if you disagree please contact us, wakes up in the morning and is suddenly much more positive, successful and a better person. Everybody has to carry his/her parcel, but some manage to take the parcel to the post office, send it off and no longer suffer under the weight. It does not matter how big and heavy this package is, where it comes from and if someone has glued it with superglue on you. It does not matter! This only changes how high the shipping costs are or which solvent has to be used.

Let us be your ride

But on the way to the post office can also happen a lot. The path to the goal is not only curvy, but will also have its ups and downs. You may need to build or overcome bridges, and sometimes the road may break and you may fall into a hole. Let alone how the weather can play us. Just this: It’s never sunny all year long.

However, it is also possible somebody offers a ride, a bus line is available or the way to the post is actually not that far. Depending on how long the journey lasts … maybe you are lucky and catch the perfect weather. One thing is for sure: We are happy to accompany you on this ride! Come on, no more words, just start.

The most important message from this article:
Restarting pays off. It is only up to oneself how to shape one’s life. If the decision for a new beginning has been made, there are many things that would make the way more complicated or difficult. So it has to be clear: “Where there are heights, there are also depths, but I can do it!”.

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