Now you have made the decision to start over, allowed yourself to dream from now on and for your future and have found goals that need to be achieved. So a lot has already happened! ….in your head. Your life has not changed yet. Motivation alone is not enough to really make a difference. Some help is needed and in this article approaching. It is especially important to create the optimal environment to reach your goals. When everything is clear, nothing stands in your way.”Wer die Welt bewegen will, sollte erst sich selbst bewegen.”

“If you want to move the world, move yourself first.”


“One who’s moving him or herself can also move the world!”
Natalie 🙂

Habits are the key

It is very clear: Making conscious decisions is more than anything that we wish for, that it is actually possible for us. Studies have proven this. Only our habits decide to 95% of our everyday actions. Only 5% are actually directly influenceable by us personally and in one moment.

“Why paddle with the little finger against the disturbance, when you can sail in quiet waters?”

The most effective way to effectively change your life relatively quickly, and especially over the long term, is to change the environmental conditions. As in the title picture: This little seedling is unfortunately in an environment that does not necessarily help it grow. it will have to fight to achieve the same as seedlings in a nutrient-rich forest soil. Maybe it manages to grow to a decent size, but he will not become a big and stable tree.

But now you have a huge advantage over this seedling. You can go away. You can plant yourself in fertile soil, as funny as that sounds. An environment full of nutrients feeds your motivation, your well-being and your happiness and protects you against stormy conditions. In life this is a safety net of healthy relationships and good friends.

The decision is radical, the change slow

In one of the previous articles, I joked that many actually move or shave their eyebrows to change or find themselves. These changes are short-lived, because returning to the original environment after such a journey or adventure brings back the old burdens. Eyebrows grow again.

The idea behind this radical change is not so crazy! Who changes the surroundings, also changes him or herself.

IMPORTANT is that these changes take place where your life is going to take place in the future. Do not throw a too evil a look at you and your surroundings. Certainly not everything is bad. Your life has been as it was, but now it can be different. A little humor does not hurt the whole process.

“See your life as a sitcom, it’s best to just laugh at yourself!”

And do not forget, crying is also allowed. We all make mistakes. Those who stand by and learn from it will grow and be successful.
So forgive yourself and laugh a litte.

A “little” task for you:
From now on, pay attention to the environment in which you move every day for a week. Be aware of which people have the greatest impact on your life, whether family, friends, acquaintances or work colleagues, diesen’t matter. If you enjoy drawing, you can easily write it down and color it. Become the boss of your environment. Find out where you are currently placed in life and then take the next step. Withdraw.

For advanced:
In addition, or the week after, pay close attention to what habits you’ve integrated into your life. Maybe some have crept unnoticed and spread wide. Write them down, draw them, … do that what feels right for you to become aware of your current lifestyle. Only after a good data collection a suitable success model can be created. Something like that would be said in science.

The most important message from this article:
Your own habits affect our daily actions like nothing else. The most sustainable but perhaps not necessarily the easiest way to get started is to change habits by changing your environmental conditions.

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