Dream big and find goals

How about you? Do you have many dreams but don’t believe you can realize them? Do you have a goal but it seems too big and too difficult to reach? Or you are like me, some time ago, and have no idea what a great goal would be. At that time I also found dreams totally stupid – I’m not a dreamer.

Well, my attitude has changed a lot since then, because I understood one thing: those who do not dream will never do anything extraordinary. And here it does not matter if it’s about building a business or having a great personal life. Even the relationship with yourself, how you see yourself and what you believe in, can be influenced by your dreams.

No need for sleep to dream

Of course, this statement can not be taken literally. But what do I mean?

The dream I mean is in you. Countless dreams that need only be tickled to the surface, are hiding in your imagination. You don’t need anything but yourself and a quiet minute.

Sit comfortably in a place of your choice, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and out so that you can concentrate on your thoughts, and say to yourself, “I’m starting to dream. Now I’m a Dreamer. I wish for my dreams, no matter if during the day or at night, I open the barrier, so that I can get to know all of them “.

Well, is that very easy or even relatively difficult for you? I can understand both well. Especially when you have barely occupied yourself with yourself, it is a strange feeling at the beginning. But I promise you: It will be over quickly & it will pay off like nothing else!

Now the barrier is open. All your dreams are allowed to surface. I’m curious in what situations they will fly through your brain.

Write me a comment or a message in what situations this happened to you :).

Visualize and manifest goals

It’s about finding and shaping goals from your dreams. Have you ever had one or more ideas in everyday life? Have you already found a goal for yourself or can you narrow it down to a certain area? Great! Now it just has to be visualized and manifested and I promise you, that sounds worse than it is.

Practice Tip: Even more intense, you can shape this process if you do sports right in front of it. For example, An hour of yoga helps you immensely to focus on the situation and on yourself.
If you want, you can make yourself comfortable on a yoga mat or a meditation pillow.

Relax, close your eyes and watch your breathing. Pay close attention to how you breathe. At this moment, there is nothing more important than your breathing. Take the time you need to feel good until you start to imagine a picture, a feeling, a scenario. There is only you and your imagination at this moment. If you still can not see a clear picture, let the many different pictures of goals and possibilities fly past you and take the time to find a good one.
If you have your goal moment, then you now visualize everything that has to do with it. How does this moment feel? How do you feel? After you have visualized this, this feeling never goes away.

But how does the manifestation work? What happened here?

The science behind it is quite simple. Everyone knows it right?
Just imagine a fresh lemon, slicing it and then biting into it. For your brain, this imagination is “so real” that you can really feel your reaction to the lemon juice. Eventhough you just imagined it, your brain and body trigger physical reactions.

It is the same with the visualization of goals. If you know what your goal situation looks and feels like, your entire body reacts to it and manifests that feeling. Your body reacts just like you lived through this moment. It almost doesn’t matter if only in thought or in fact. This will automatically fix your goal and step by step you can achieve it.

The most important message from this article:
It might seems funny at first, but it is not difficult. Make yourself comfortable to concentrate on yourself, on your breathing. So, you can first and foremost consciously and profoundly allow yourself to dream. After that, you can form goals out of those dreams. To achieve those, it is an absolute advantage to visualize and manifest them first.

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